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thermal management lithium batteries

With effective battery thermal management your lithium battery pack performs at its maximum potential

Effective thermal management ensures maximum performance of your lithium battery pack and makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications that can be used in different climatic conditions.
partnership atech antriebstechnik and flash battery

German electrification: key partnership with powertrain leader Atech

Electrification of German-speaking markets: important strategic partnership between Flash Battery's latest-generation lithium batteries and Atech GmbH - Antriebstechnik's powertrain of excellence

BMS in lithium batteries: what is it and what is its function in cell balancing?

The Battery Management System (BMS) is the brain of lithium-ion batteries and acts in cells balancing. Let's find out what it is and what are the differences between traditional BMS and the Flash Balancing System.
modular batteries pros cons

Modular or custom batteries? Pros and cons

Are you electrifying your vehicle? Find out which battery solution is best suited to your application: modular or customised? We analyse the pros and cons of these systems and which applications are most suitable.
lithium battery recovery

How does the recycling of a battery work? Let’s find out how to recover more than 95% of a lithium battery

The 7 processes for recycling lithium batteries: how recycling works and how to recover more than 95% of a lithium battery. Let's discover it together.
recycling of lithium batteries

Recycling lithium batteries: the current situation

How lithium batteries are disposed of and recycled. Why is it important to develop sustainable lithium technologies? Let's find out why the recycling of lithium-ion batteries has become a major subject today.
Flash Battery Efa France strategic partnership

EFA France: an exceptional partnership for the French electrification market

EFA France and Flash Battery unite expertise, innovation and technology in an exceptional partnership for the French electrification market
safety and risks of lithium batteries

Risks associated with lithium: can you really trust a lithium battery?

The risks associated with lithium: what would happen if a lithium battery set on fire? The 3 key factors for ensuring the safety of lithium batteries.
lithium cells


Cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells: differences and applications. Discover the best cells for the industrial and automotive sectors