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hydrogen advantages limits

The role of hydrogen in our future energy supply: benefits and limitations of a green challenge

Hydrogen, one of the most abundant resources on Earth, is for many a promising solution for an increasingly green and more sustainable future. Let us shed some light on it by analysing its potential and limitations.
battery manufacturers flash battery history of passion

Flash Battery: a history of passion that looks to the future

Passion and innovation are at the heart of Flash Battery’s story. From a garage to company with over 100 employees. Discover the first steps in the production of lithium batteries
gis expo 2023 flash battery

Construction site equipment goes electric: at Gis Expo, latest-generation lithium batteries catering to industrial lifting equipment

More sectors seeing the advantages of switching to electric: at GIS expo Flash Battery lithium technology, designed to meet the needs of lifting equipment
sodium batteries

Sodium batteries: The technology of the future?

Sodium batteries are experiencing a strong growth trend. But what are sodium batteries and how do they work? Discover pros and cons, applications and differences vs. lithium batteries
powertrain system integrator and battery producers at ivt expo

Powertrain system integrators and lithium battery manufacturers come together at IVT EXPO

From 28 to 29 June 2023, powertrain system integrators and lithium battery manufacturers will come together at IVT EXPO, the flagship event for the electrification of industrial machines and vehicles.
european battery regulation

European Battery Regulation: a Concrete Step towards a Sustainable Future

A new battery directive: anew European Battery Regulation that aims to improve sector's technological progress and lower the environmental impact of batteries is expected in May 2023.
batteries history evolution

The evolution of batteries: from the invention of the voltaic pile to the lead-acid battery, right up to the most recent lithium batteries

Everything started with the voltaic pile, before it evolved to become the battery. The battery gave birth to both lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Let’s look at how a battery is created on International Battery Day
lithium cells assembly production methods

How are lithium cells produced? All about mixing, assembly and the filling process

Building a battery starts with lithium cells, but what is the lithium-ion battery cell production process and how are these cells assembled? An assessment needs to be made of the different cell production methods, a key step towards ensuring the full efficiency of a lithium ion battery.
what are molten salt batteries pros and cons

Molten-salt batteries: pros and cons of a 40-year-old “innovation”

While the future of energy will be renewable, there are no “miracle” solutions and it is important to make things clear. Molten salt batteries, while interesting, are neither new nor perfect. Let us analyse its pros, cons and limitations.
Battery remote monitoring Flash Battery

Discover remote monitoring software that improves the performance of lithium batteries: the evolution of Flash Data Center

The evolution of Flash Data Center will be presented at Bauma 2022: the smart remote monitoring software by Flash Battery which exploits artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.
difference lithium-ion batteries solid state batteries

Solid-state batteries: the new frontier of electrification?

The lithium battery industry is constantly evolving, and solid-state batteries could become the future of electric mobility. But when we talk about solid state, a variety of different factors come into play, with a series of great advantages but also many limits, which we could call challenges for the future.
the 5 functions of bms - vehicle integration

Battery BMS-Vehicle integration: 5 things to know

Balancing is the most widely known function of a BMS (Battery Management System), but there are other 5 essential characteristics that an advanced BMS system in a lithium battery must have in order to make strategic decisions and ensure optimum vehicle-battery integration.
thermal management lithium batteries

With effective battery thermal management your lithium battery pack performs at its maximum potential

Effective thermal management ensures maximum performance of your lithium battery pack and makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications that can be used in different climatic conditions.
partnership atech antriebstechnik and flash battery

German electrification: key partnership with powertrain leader Atech

Electrification of German-speaking markets: important strategic partnership between Flash Battery's latest-generation lithium batteries and Atech GmbH - Antriebstechnik's powertrain of excellence

BMS in lithium batteries: what is it and what is its function in cell balancing?

The Battery Management System (BMS) is the brain of lithium-ion batteries and acts in cells balancing. Let's find out what it is and what are the differences between traditional BMS and the Flash Balancing System.
modular batteries pros cons

Modular or custom batteries? Pros and cons

Are you electrifying your vehicle? Find out which battery solution is best suited to your application: modular or customised? We analyse the pros and cons of these systems and which applications are most suitable.
lithium battery recovery

How does the recycling of a battery work? Let’s find out how to recover more than 95% of a lithium battery

The 7 processes for recycling lithium batteries: how recycling works and how to recover more than 95% of a lithium battery. Let's discover it together.
recycling of lithium batteries

Recycling lithium batteries: the current situation

How lithium batteries are disposed of and recycled. Why is it important to develop sustainable lithium technologies? Let's find out why the recycling of lithium-ion batteries has become a major subject today.
Flash Battery Efa France strategic partnership

EFA France: an exceptional partnership for the French electrification market

EFA France and Flash Battery unite expertise, innovation and technology in an exceptional partnership for the French electrification market
safety and risks of lithium batteries

Risks associated with lithium: can you really trust a lithium battery?

The risks associated with lithium: what would happen if a lithium battery set on fire? The 3 key factors for ensuring the safety of lithium batteries.
lithium cells


Cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells: differences and applications. Discover the best cells for the industrial and automotive sectors