Here are a few projects where Flash Battery lithium batteries have played a key role


Flash Battery lithium batteries have a wide range of applications, in industry and elsewhere, as a piece of technology designed to offer maximum efficiency to improve industrial performance.

Various Italian and international companies have realised the difference of the Flash Battery system.

It is partly thanks to these companies that we have increased our experience in the logistics and transport sectors by using Flash Battery lithium batteries in electric vehicles, industrial machines for handling goods (LGV and AGV systems), tracked vehicles, industrial sweepers, nautical systems and much more

Lithium batteries for aerial platforms

From lead batteries to lithium batteries to optimize the performance of tracked aerial platforms

The electric street sweeper

The first full-electric street sweeper offering the same performance as sweepers running on an internal combustion engine

Electric airport vehicles

Flash Battery lithium batteries for airport vehicles: electric vehicles and electric tow tractors

Cifa hybrid concrete mixer

A Flash Battery lithium battery for the first hybrid concrete mixer

Electric power: lithium batteries for tracked boom lifts

Flash Battery lithium batteries for aerial platforms, self-propelled boom lifts and tracked spider lifts

LGV and AGV technology: greater efficiency with lithium batteries

Elettric80, a world leader in automated logistics, chooses Flash Battery technology for the batteries of its LGVs and AGVs.

Giovanni Soldini’s MASERATI VOR 70

The Flash Battery battery pack onboard Giovanni Soldini’s Maserati VOR 70 sailboat

World range record

800 km without charging is the range record set by an electric vehicle with Flash Battery lithium batteries

Nautical batteries: lithium technology for hybrid electric boats

Flash Battery lithium batteries for a cargo boat in the Venice lagoon



Flash Battery lithium batteries for industrial machines

It was 2012 when we first decided to embrace Flash Battery's lithium technology. Throughout the development of our Energya project, Kaitek supported us with impressive know-how and helpfulness, allowing us to improve our product and make it more efficient. 5 years later, the project is now complete and our mixer, the first hybrid plug-in on the market, has been in production for a number of years, confirming the project’s reliability.Emanuele Zorzi - TECNICAL PRODUCT MANAGER


Flash Battery lithium batteries for forklifts

We chose Kaitek technology in 2013, adopting the Flash Battery lithium batteries for our range of products dedicated to logistics and material handling. Kaitek's experience and professionalism guided us towards lithium batteries for pallet jacks that feature the fast-charge battery-charger inside the battery compartment. Thanks to this innovation, we were able to maximise the flexibility of use of our material handling equipment.Luana Piazzalunga - DIRECTOR


Flash Battery lithium batteries for industrial machines

We have been building platforms with traditional batteries since 1996, but we have only started using Flash Battery lithium batteries since 2010. This type of batteries, much more suited to our needs, has helped us to gain space and therefore to reduce our platforms, recovering weight and considerably lengthening the working time of our customers. The lithium batteries Flash Battery allow extremely fast charging times, during which the operator can continue to work without interruption, something not feasible with the classic lead / acid batteries.Emanuele Sorianini - GENERAL MANAGER


Flash Battery lithium battery for industrial machines (Laser Guided Vehicles)

The introduction of lithium batteries has completely revolutionised the world of battery-related services. We have gone from reactive services, with the previous battery technology, to proactive services. The technology developed by our partner Kaitek doesn’t just allow us to remotely monitor the health status of Flash Battery lithium batteries, it also provides a series of preventive alerts on future situations. This results in our work being always one step ahead of any unexpected situation that could potentially occur. For end users, this technology customised by Kaitek Flash Battery provides a sense of complete control over the machinery installed at their facility, even if they should find themselves thousands of kilometres and several time zones away. The choice to embrace Flash Battery lithium batteries allowed us to reduce downtimes to a minimum, to carry out targeted maintenance thanks to the remote troubleshooting capability, and to plan support operations well in advance. All this has lowered service costs to the point of being almost non-existent.Matteo Raccanelli - CUSTOMER SERVICE DIRECTOR


Flash Battery lithium batteries for airport electric vehicles

Flash Battery offer gives our customer flexibility, maintenance free batteries suitable to different applications and extreme temperatures; furthermore, the remote control system allows our final customers to constantly prevent eventual problem and unexpected vehicle stops. Beside the attractive commercial offer, Kaitek brought to the table a complete transparency on its technical capacity and knowledge which inspired us to trust this partnership. Kaitek has also shown great flexibility in adapting their product to our machines and applications.Sebastian Hoyos - EXPORT SALES MANAGER


Flash Battery lithium batteries for electric vehicles

Traditional batteries were entirely inadequate for the electric quadricycle sector, which is what pushed us towards lithium. But our first experience with a lithium battery manufacturer was so disappointing that we began second-guessing our own decision. One of our contacts then told us about Kaitek and the Flash Battery lithium batteries, and from that moment on we have had a tailor-made solution for our product: an efficient and easy-to-install solution for our electric utility vehicles and electric quadricycles.Massimo Versino - MARKETING MANAGER

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?