total cost of ownership long term cost lithium battery

Total Cost of Ownership of a lithium battery for industrial machinery: initial price vs cost over the long term

How much does it really cost to electrify your industrial machinery and vehicles? Discover the Total Cost of Ownership for a lithium battery and the long-term economic benefits of electrification
fastest european project battery testing

Fastest project: a concrete European commitment to fast-track battery testing systems

Accelerating tests to develop more reliable, safer and more competitive batteries is the goal of the EU's FASTEST Project, of which Flash Battery is part together with 13 European partners to develop a fast-track battery testing platform.
hydrogen advantages limits

The role of hydrogen in our future energy supply: benefits and limitations of a green challenge

Hydrogen, one of the most abundant resources on Earth, is for many a promising solution for an increasingly green and more sustainable future. Let us shed some light on it by analysing its potential and limitations.
battery manufacturers flash battery history of passion

Flash Battery: a history of passion that looks to the future

Passion and innovation are at the heart of Flash Battery’s story. From a garage to company with over 100 employees. Discover the first steps in the production of lithium batteries
Deloitte best managed company award 2023 flash battery

Flash Battery is Deloitte “Best Managed Company” for the fifth time

Flash Battery wins the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award for the fifth consecutive time in the Gold Category for the excellent results obtained in the areas of innovation, strategy, governance, skills and corporate culture.
flash battery sustainable enterprise award 2023

Flash Battery among the Sustainable Enterprises recognised by Il Sole 24 Ore

Flash Battery has won the “Sustainable Enterprise Award” promoted by Il Sole 24 Ore, which promotes the stories of Italian companies that, since 2020, have responded to the crises seen in recent years by introducing practical sustainable actions.

Flash Battery three times winner of Confindustria’s “Enterprises for Innovation Award”

Flash Battery wins for the third consecutive time the Enterprises for Innovation Award, assigned by Confindustria to the 12 Italian companies that have most excelled for their investments in research and innovation.
gis expo 2023 flash battery

Construction site equipment goes electric: at Gis Expo, latest-generation lithium batteries catering to industrial lifting equipment

More sectors seeing the advantages of switching to electric: at GIS expo Flash Battery lithium technology, designed to meet the needs of lifting equipment
flash battery young entrepreneurs awards

Flash Battery wins the Lapam Confartigianato “Young Entrepreneurs 2023” award

Flash Battery wins the 'Giovani imprenditori 2023' award promoted by Lapam Confartigianato, to valorise the know-how and entrepreneurial ideas of young people aged between 18 and 40 in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, who have been able to distinguish themselves for their enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit
sodium batteries

Sodium batteries: The technology of the future?

Sodium batteries are experiencing a strong growth trend. But what are sodium batteries and how do they work? Discover pros and cons, applications and differences vs. lithium batteries
flash battery participates in european project opeva

Predictive analysis and advanced BMS: Flash Battery among the partners of Opeva European project

Flash Battery brings its comprehensive experience in predictive analysis and advanced BMS to the OPEVA European project in order to further accelerate adoption of electric vehicles in Europe.
powertrain system integrator and battery producers at ivt expo

Powertrain system integrators and lithium battery manufacturers come together at IVT EXPO

From 28 to 29 June 2023, powertrain system integrators and lithium battery manufacturers will come together at IVT EXPO, the flagship event for the electrification of industrial machines and vehicles.
flash balancing system gets italian patent

Flash Balancing System: Flash Battery’s BMS gets the Italian patent

In 2022, the Battery Management System, Flash Battery's proprietary combined active and passive high-power balancing system, was granted thw Italian patent as an industrial innovation.
04 2023 industria felix award flash battery

Flash Battery wins Industria Felix award for the third time

Flash Battery was awarded as the best under 40 company in Emilia Romagna by the Scientific Committee of Industria Felix among more than 700.000 selected Italian companies.
european battery regulation

European Battery Regulation: a Concrete Step towards a Sustainable Future

A new battery directive: anew European Battery Regulation that aims to improve sector's technological progress and lower the environmental impact of batteries is expected in May 2023.
batteries history evolution

The evolution of batteries: from the invention of the voltaic pile to the lead-acid battery, right up to the most recent lithium batteries

Everything started with the voltaic pile, before it evolved to become the battery. The battery gave birth to both lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Let’s look at how a battery is created on International Battery Day
lithium cells assembly production methods

How are lithium cells produced? All about mixing, assembly and the filling process

Building a battery starts with lithium cells, but what is the lithium-ion battery cell production process and how are these cells assembled? An assessment needs to be made of the different cell production methods, a key step towards ensuring the full efficiency of a lithium ion battery.
lithium batteries transport guidelines

Lithium battery transport: all you need to know

The increased demand for electrification has brought with it the introduction of precise regulations, classifications, UN codes and certifications to regulate lithium battery transport.
what are molten salt batteries pros and cons

Molten-salt batteries: pros and cons of a 40-year-old “innovation”

While the future of energy will be renewable, there are no “miracle” solutions and it is important to make things clear. Molten salt batteries, while interesting, are neither new nor perfect. Let us analyse its pros, cons and limitations.
flash battery 1000 best performer company Reggio Emilia award ItalyPost

Flash Battery wins ItalyPost’s “The 1,000 Best Performer Companies” 2022 award

Flash Battery was awarded "The 1,000 Best Performer Companies 2022 in the Province of Reggio Emilia", promoted by ItalyPost in collaboration with l'Economia del Corriere della Sera to reward Italian companies that have distinguished themselves by performing brilliantly from 2018 to 2020.
flash battery lithium batteries sectors bauma

Performance, power and customization: lithium batteries designed for the needs of the industrial sector at Bauma

Construction, agriculture and railway are the leading sectors at Bauma 2022, for which Flash Battery lithium batteries offer performance, power and customisation. Come and discover them at our booth: Hall A5 - Booth 339