flash battery partner bepa association

Flash Battery now member of the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA)

As of 10 August 2021, Flash Battery is an official member of the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) with the ambitious goal of creating a competitive, circular and sustainable European battery value chain to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent.
responsible innovators award special mention to flash battery

The right charge towards the 2030 Agenda: Flash Battery gets a special mention at the “Responsible Innovators” Award

Flash Battery received a Special Mention among the winners of the VII edition of the Responsible Innovators Award, promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the aim of encouraging an integrated vision of sustainability, rewarding innovation projects consistent with the objectives of 2030 Agenda.
Flash Battery wins company innovation prize 2021

Flash Battery closes 2021 with the innovation prize “Premio Imprese per Innovazione”

For the second year running, Confindustria has awarded Flash Battery the "Premio Imprese per Innovazione" (Company Innovation Prize) in recognition of the high levels of innovation demonstrated during the almost ten year's activity, not just in products and processes but also investing in the human capital.
flash battery attends battery show 2021

At Battery Show Europe to discuss third-generation smart batteries

Today, industrial electrification is a European trend, especially in agriculture, construction and automated logistics. From 30 November to 2 December 2021, we exhibited at The Battery Show Europe, with our 3rd generation smart batteries offering the highest energy density and performance.
flash battery opening ceremony ribbon cutting

Opening ceremony for Flash Battery’s new HQ

On 1 October 2021 the new Flash Battery headquarters were inaugurated. More than 120 people, including journalists, religious, political and institutional authorities, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new site has adopted principles of sustainability and people's wellbeing in every working space, making it clear how much attention is paid to the ecological transition and quality of work.
Flash Battery awarded Best Managed Companies award 2021

Flash Battery wins Deloitte “Best managed company” award for the third time

For third time in a row, Deloitte recognises Flash Battery as one of the Italian companies that excelled in strategy, capabilities and innovation during the fourth “Best Managed Companies” Award.
flash battery at gis expo 2021

Lithium batteries for the world of awp and automated logistics of agvs and lgvs

From 7th to 9th October have been presented at GIS Expo Flash Battery’s third-generation lithium batteries, chosen by the most important industrial manufacturers to electrify their fleets in the sectors of AWPs and automated logistics.
thermal management lithium batteries

With effective battery thermal management your lithium battery pack performs at its maximum potential

Effective thermal management ensures maximum performance of your lithium battery pack and makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications that can be used in different climatic conditions.
partnership atech antriebstechnik and flash battery

German electrification: key partnership with powertrain leader Atech

Electrification of German-speaking markets: important strategic partnership between Flash Battery's latest-generation lithium batteries and Atech GmbH - Antriebstechnik's powertrain of excellence

BMS in lithium batteries: what is it and what is its function in cell balancing?

The Battery Management System (BMS) is the brain of lithium-ion batteries and acts in cells balancing. Let's find out what it is and what are the differences between traditional BMS and the Flash Balancing System.
modular batteries pros cons

Modular or custom batteries? Pros and cons

Are you electrifying your vehicle? Find out which battery solution is best suited to your application: modular or customised? We analyse the pros and cons of these systems and which applications are most suitable.
lithium battery recovery

How does the recycling of a battery work? Let’s find out how to recover more than 95% of a lithium battery

The 7 processes for recycling lithium batteries: how recycling works and how to recover more than 95% of a lithium battery. Let's discover it together.
recycling of lithium batteries

Recycling lithium batteries: the current situation

How lithium batteries are disposed of and recycled. Why is it important to develop sustainable lithium technologies? Let's find out why the recycling of lithium-ion batteries has become a major subject today.
National Prize for Innovation 2020

The “Premio dei Premi” Prize for Innovation awarded to Flash Battery by the President of the Italian Republic

Flash Battery was awarded by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the “Premio dei Premi” prize for innovation, a recognition for the investments in research and innovation and for the development of cutting-edge technologies in lithium batteries.
electric telescopic handler

Electric agricultural machinery: where are we with regards to the electrification of the agricultural world?

The leading sectors in the electrification of the agricultural market today are viticulture, livestock farming and green maintenance. We present to you the three key aspects that drive this transition.
Flash Battery control electronics

Flash Battery’s BMS takes centre stage in the European NewControl project

Flash Battery plays an important role in the NewControl project: developing a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, and customising the proprietary BMS.
New headquarter Flash Battery drone view blog preview

News for Flash Battery: change of the company name and registered office

Great news for Flash Battery: the no. 1 lithium battery manufacturer in Italy now has a new company name and a new state-of-the-art headquarters
Flash Battery Efa France strategic partnership

EFA France: an exceptional partnership for the French electrification market

EFA France and Flash Battery unite expertise, innovation and technology in an exceptional partnership for the French electrification market
safety and risks of lithium batteries

Risks associated with lithium: can you really trust a lithium battery?

The risks associated with lithium: what would happen if a lithium battery set on fire? The 3 key factors for ensuring the safety of lithium batteries.
industrial lithium battery production


Production and shipping departments of Flash Battery lithium batteries are working again. Offices are operating in smart-working mode
industrial lithium battery production


Covid-19. As required by the Italian Decree, Flash Battery will halt production. Smart working is ongoing for the office department