Giovanni Soldini’s MASERATI VOR 70

The Flash Battery battery pack onboard Giovanni Soldini’s Maserati VOR 70 sailboat

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Projects Details

Sailboat - Maserati VOR 70 Giovanni Soldini

  • Client Maserati VOR 70 Giovanni Soldini
  • Product Market Sailboat
  • Lithium Battery 25,6V / 300 Ah


In 2013 Kaitek, in collaboration with Solbian, supplied a Flash Battery lithium battery for the Maserati VOR 70 sailboat, a high-tech vessel over 20 meters long, which has been breaking records all over the world since 2012 thanks to skipper Giovanni Soldini at the helm and his crew.

Flash Battery was chosen because of its light weight, efficiency, and flexibility.

The use of this battery on the boat makes it possible to supply the entire electrical system even during night-time crossings, by storing the energy produced during the day by the photovoltaic panels on the deck.

Thanks to the constant daily remote monitoring, the Flash Battery lithium battery guarantees the maximum reliability during regattas.

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?