The electric street sweeper

The first full-electric street sweeper offering the same performance as sweepers running on an internal combustion engine

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Projects Details


  • Client Dulevo International spa
  • Sector of Employment Street and industrial sweeper
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 96V / 800Ah
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 96V / 600Ah



We first started working with Dulevo International in 2016, a time when market demand was starting to emerge for a 100%-electric road sweeper .

Dulevo is a manufacturer of sweeping machines with customers in 80 countries around the world.

It ranks among the world’s five leading manufacturers of sweepers for cleaning commercial, industrial and urban environments.

Focusing on quality and technology has always been a must for the company from Fontanellato (Parma), which chose Kaitek Flash Battery for its production of its first full-electric street sweeper that can match the performance of sweepers running on an internal combustion engine.

The electric sweeper in question is the D.zero²

The constructive cooperation and synergy between the two companies led to a new project they developed together: the sweeper and battery were designed simultaneously.

This made it possible to optimise both design and performance to match sweepers running on an internal combustion engine in terms of their cleaning capacity and as regards lifespan.

The first electric street sweeper with Flash Battery lithium batteries

To achieve all this, we developed a totally-customised electric street sweeper fitted with Flash Battery lithium batteries that guarantees:


Zero emissions, so the sweeper has less impact on the environment.
Zero Emissions of CO2, zero harmful gases and zero dust re-released into the environment when sweeping.


Fast charging, so the machine can be used on several shifts.
The sweeper has excellent autonomy: it can work for a full shift without needing to be charged. As well as offering the same sweeping performance as a traditional street sweeper, its totally-electric power supply means that the Dulevo D.zero² has extremely low maintenance and running costs.


Noise abatement permitting their use in town centres.
As the various modes of operation are electric and do not depend on a traditional engine, sound emissions are reduced by 10% compared to normal street sweepers. This feature of the machine makes it possible to operate the machine and clean streets after dark, without disturbing the peace.


3G System for remote, day-to-day control of the vehicle wherever it is operating around the world.
Remote Flash Battery control analyses the actual performance of the machine in real time based on a set of data, so it is possible to check the actual use of the battery and the machine. Remote control offers the advantages of diagnosis, software updates and modifications to the battery settings. All battery data is automatically monitored every day so we can take proactive action


Constant voltage, maximum efficiency and simultaneous use of traction/brushes/extraction.
Thanks to the low voltage Flash Battery battery pack, the potential risks of electrical machines are reduced to zero.

The constructive cooperation has also led to the latest project developed at the end of 2018 for a CSS 2 combo charge system to charge the vehicle with standard automotive connectors, namely those used by the modern Tesla Model 3.

Today, the Dzero² is in use in various parts of the world, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Spain and in several major cities in the United States. But it is also increasingly common to see the Dzero² electric sweeper cleaning the streets in the main cities in Italy.

For us, it was our first experience with lithium batteries. Flash Battery helped us considerably in the design of the best layout so we could guarantee 8 hours autonomy. Right from the start of our working partnership, we realised that Flash Battery has the skills and capacity needed to develop and supply a customised solution in the time frame demanded by the marketFabrizio Tagliaferri - Head of the Technical Office

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?