Electric airport vehicles

Flash Battery lithium batteries for the airport industry, electric vehicles and electric tow tractors

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Projects Details

  • Client Charlatte Manutention
  • Sector of Employment Electric airport vehicles
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 80V / 400 Ah


With over 10,000 operating units, Charlatte Manutention is known all around the world as the main manufacturer of vehicles for the airport industry, including electric vehicles for luggage and goods transport, conveyor belt loaders and aircraft pushback vehicles.

As explained in a previous article, various studies have shown how traditional diesel vehicles or ones with lead-acid batteries will soon be completely replaced in airports with electric vehicles powered by lithium batteries.

Charlatte Manutention already chose lithium batteries in 2014.

They came into contact with Flash Battery lithium technology through Mica Conseils, which has become our French partner down the years.

The main goal was to equip the 25-tonne T.135 vehicle, which had a lead-acid battery at the time, with a battery that could better meet the needs of a venue such as Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris).

It is always the same in every airport around the world: everything is always moving! GSE vehicles (Ground Support Equipment) and any other vehicle that drives around airports, whether transporting luggage or passengers, require the most efficient performance.

A continuous work cycle, no maintenance and a fast charge: these were the starting points to build a fully customised 80V/400Ah lithium battery for the Charlatte electric airport vehicle.

The partial charging allowed by the Flash Battery lithium battery extends the battery life, increasing the usable daily power, and guarantees full shifts without the need to charge the vehicle for hours on end. Flash Battery fast charging can charge 50% in just 30 minutes.

The Flash Battery electronic balancing system keeps battery performance balanced, so that regular maintenance is completely eliminated.  If special maintenance is required, the battery’s internal architecture and high-power balancing enable personnel to service the unit directly on-site, which reduces the time and cost of machine downtime.

A Flash Battery lithium battery is 3 times lighter than a lead-acid battery, which significantly reduces the weight of an electric vehicle equipped with Flash Battery technology.

Flash Battery offer gives our customer flexibility, maintenance free batteries suitable to different applications and extreme temperatures; furthermore, the remote control system allows our final customers to constantly prevent eventual problem and unexpected vehicle stops. The lithium battery also doesn't degrade throughout its life time compared to a lead acid battery. Beside the attractive commercial offer, Kaitek brought to the table a complete transparency on its technical capacity and knowledge which inspired us to trust this partnership. Kaitek has also shown great flexibility in adapting their product to our machines and applications. Their product is smart and I believe there is a potential growth in this market.Sebastian Hoyos - EXPORT SALES MANAGER

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?