Lithium batteries for aerial platforms

From lead batteries to lithium batteries to optimize the performance of tracked aerial platforms

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Projects Details

  • Client Easy Lift
  • Sector of Employment Aerial Platform
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 51,2V / 200Ah



Easy Lift, an Italian manufacturer of aerial platforms, chose to use Flash Battery lithium batteries on all its aerial platforms to take advantage of all their performance features.

The tracked aerial platforms produced by Easy Lift in the BA and HY versions are all equipped with next generation lithium batteries: in the smaller size models it replaces the combustion engine (BY); in the larger models it supplements the engine, enabling hybrid operation of the platform (HY).

Initially, all the batteries of the aerial platforms were lead, but they had many limitations in terms of performance, charging time, harmful emissions during recharging, and the need to adapt the platforms to the characteristics of the batteries.

The development of customized lithium batteries made it possible to overcome all these obstacles.

The new technology of Flash Battery lithium batteries helped us to recover space and therefore to reduce the overall dimensions of our platforms, recovering weight and considerably extending the work times of our customers. These batteries also drastically reduced the charging time and above all made it possible to continue working during the entire charging time, which is not feasible with classic lead-acid batteriesEmanuele Sorianini - GENERAL MANAGER

Lithium batteries: quality and efficiency in aerial platform operation

The collaboration between Easy Lift and Kaitek Flash Battery, initiated in 2012, came about thanks to the possibility to design highly customized lithium batteries that could respond to the various requirements of all the types of tracked aerial platforms sold worldwide by Easy Lift.

Thanks to Flash Battery lithium batteries, the aerial platforms gained the possibility to accept partial charges during use, no longer needing a special recharging room. In contrast to lead batteries, in fact, Flash Battery batteries do not produce emissions and do not cause acid leakage, so recharging can be done anywhere, even in indoor environments.

The Flash Battery 10.24 kWh lithium battery pack is installed on the R420HY model, a hybrid version of the R420 range, presented at Bauma 2019, which reaches a working height of 41.40 m and a lateral reach of 16.50 m with 230 kg. The maximum capacity is 230 kg, and the weight of the hybrid version is just 8500 kg.

This machine is designed with attention to the smallest details and inherits the features of the latest generation of Easy Lift models, including a new frame and new stabilizers that stand out for their simple, clean lines.

Another important strong point of Easy Lift is the EASY-HERS system (Easy Lift Hydraulic Energy Recovery System), which makes it possible to recover the oil not used during normal operation of the aerial platform to recharge the lithium battery, thus reducing recharging costs and fuel consumption.

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?