How Kaitek Flash Battery operates in comparison with other battery manufacturers

When a new customer asks for help, it usually wants to switch from lead to lithium, or to solve problems with its lithium battery supplier. So, first we’ll explain the difference between how Kaitek Flash Battery operates and how other manufacturers usually do.

How traditional battery manufacturers usually operate

When receiving the specifications from the certain company, the process of development of a battery is decided into three essential parts:

  1. Lithium cells
  2. Control electronics
  3. Assembly

Lithium cells are usually purchased from an outside supplier, while the electronics are subcontracted to another company. In essence, a “battery supplier” is a simple assembler.

This presents a problem.

If special requests are made (which happens quite often) or if malfunctions occur, the user is in trouble because the company that supplied the battery does not have the necessary skills “in house”.This is a problem.

This translates to:

1. Long prototype development time

2. Poor flexibility in product customization

3. High costs, because the software is not proprietary, and any modification is a cost because it involves the use of programmers

4. Insufficient technical support and slow solutions that lead to long machine down-times

Traditional manufacturers

These firms are simple assemblers, which translates into:

1. Lengthy wait times

2. Poor flexibility

3. High costs

4. Inadequate technical support

Here’s how Kaitek Flash Battery operates

Before we start to fill an order, we at Kaitek Flash Battery take the time to examine the specifications together with our customer

During such consultation, we are concerned about:

  • The application in which the battery will be used
  • The energy consumed in the application, so we can properly determine battery capacity
  • Battery size and weight, and our customer’s production process (number of shifts, possible dead times, etc.)
  • The types of information about battery status the customer wishes to have displayed in real time
  • The type of charger required, depending on the charging times that have been determined
  • Programming of the battery’s electronics (using our Battery Balancing System)

And that’s just our preliminary examination.

Now – and only now – do we come up with the estimate. If we did not examine the questions described above, we would surely have problems during system initialisation.

After we have designed, built and shipped the battery to our customer, our second task begins: care, monitoring and maintenance.
This is handled by our two tools:

  • Remote control battery (Kaitek Flash Battery Data Center)
  • System for automatic management of possible malfunctions (Automatic Alert System)

With these tools, we can take action if a problem occurs, even before the customer can detect it.

Kaitek Flash Battery on the other hand

1. Examines specifications together with the customer

2. Creates the battery that meets the customer’s needs

3. Provides care, monitoring and maintenance of the battery

These are the key reasons why choosing Kaitek.


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