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10-2021 tce flash battery gis

Tce | The right battery for AWP, AGV and LGV? It’s all about chemistry! Flash Battery talks about it at GIS

Customization and modularity are the keywords of the advantages offered by Flash Battery, together with the right chemistry, product design and important partnerships. Flash Battery will be present at GIS from October 7 to 9, 2021 with its third generation lithium batteries for aerial work platforms, automated and laser-guided vehicles.
ivt essential power boost rabaud flash battery

Ivt | Essential power boost: Rabaud and Flash Battery

The historic French company Rabaud has chosen Flash Battery lithium batteries for the development of its first electric wood chipper, the XYLOCHIP 150 E: a totally customised electrification project, both from a mechanical and electrical point of view.
sole24ore flash battery launches new factory

Il Sole 24 Ore | Made in Italy Lithium Batteries, Flash Battery inaugurates the new HQ

Flash Battery, italian-based manufacturer of lithium batteries, inaugurates on October 1st 2021 the new green HQ, symbol of the sustainable challenge from which it started nine years ago, applying the principles of respect for the environment and the well-being of people in every aspect of its work and in its final products.
ivt modular or custom batteries

IVT | Modular or custom battery solutions?

Deciding which is the best lithium battery solution for your vehicle can be pretty difficult. Is it better to choose modular or custom batteries? The analysis of every single detail can make the difference. This guide will help OEM engineers to make the right choice.
Il giornale della logistica water future and innovation elettric 80 flash battery santanna

Il Giornale della Logistica | Elettric80 and Flash Battery for Acqua Sant’Anna

Among the innovations introduced for the Acqua Sant’Anna smart factory is the use of intelligent, "green" LGVs by Elettric80, equipped with lithium batteries featuring Flash Battery’s innovative technology.
Sollevare electric transition agriculture

Sollevare | Cultivating the electrical transition

In this interview with Elisabetta Orlandi and Matteo Donelli, Export Manager and Sales Director of Flash Battery, we talk about the agricultural revolution, lithium technology and artificial intelligence in remote battery management.
new power progress flash battery harvesting electrification in agricultural sector

New Power Progress | Harvesting electrification in the agricultural sector

Flash Battery, an Italian-based expert in lithium batteries, explains to New Power Progress why some types of agricultural machinery are among the most active in the adoption of electrified solutions.
we are access equipment turnkey solutions flash battery and benevelli

We are Access Equipment | Turnkey Solutions, the case study of Flash Battery and Benevelli

Long ideas and solutions are not the result of a shared business purpose alone, but also of a shared vision. This is the case of two Italian companies leaders in electrification: Flash Battery and Benevelli
ivt partnership Flash Battery Atech GmbH

ivt | An Italian-German turnkey power train

Germany’s path to electrification has been stepped up with a new strategic partnership: the one between the system integrator Atech GmbH and Flash Battery, a market leader for lithium battery production.
fleet magazine made in italy battery

Fleet Magazine | Flash Battery, Made in Italy Batteries

Marco Righi, CEO and Founder of Flash Battery, tells Fleet Magazine about the present and future of Italy's most sold lithium battery, a leader in a sector which is preparing to face the automotive electric revolution.
on site construction flash battery a matter of chemistry

On site Construction | Flash Battery, a matter of chemistry

The passion of its founding partners for electronics led to the creation of Flash Battery in 2012, a supplier of high-tech lithium batteries that promotes electrification in a wide range of applications.
vela e motore nautica elettrica quale futuro parla flash battery

Vela e motore | Electric boats, what future? Marco Righi, CEO of Flash Battery, talks about it

Will the future of the nautical sector be electric? Let's talk about it with Marco Righi, CEO of Flash Battery, a leading Italian company in the production of lithium batteries for industrial machines and electric vehicles, which is also present in the nautical sector.
tce monitor hire fleet with flash battery

Tce | How do you monitor a hire fleet? With the right battery! Flash Battery explains

Advanced technology combined with simplicity of use and remote monitoring make the Flash Battery system ideal for use by occasional customers, as is often the case with machine hire.
IVT The road to electrification

IVT | The road to electrification

Manufacturers of machines and vehicles of the future will have to address a complex, structured change in switching from internal combustion engines to complete electrification. The answer lies in lithium.
flash battery employment

Industria Italiana | Flash Battery closes 2020 with a positive trend. Turnover grows by 5%, employment by 25%

Flash Battery, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for industrial machines and electric vehicles, closes 2020 with a positive trend: +5% turnover, +25% employment and new international partnerships.
tce electric and hybrid platforms highly sustainable lifting with flash battery and easy lift

TCE | Electric and hybrid platforms, highly sustainable lifting with Flash Battery and Easy Lift

The aerial platform sector was the first to declare the need for lithium batteries. It was precisely in 2012 that the outstanding collaboration between Flash Battery and Easy Lift began.
Estel Flash Battery expressing company identity through architecture

Estel | Flash Battery, expressing the spirit and identity of the company through architecture and interior design

The distinctive feature of Flash Battery is undoubtedly innovation, also communicated in the architecture of the new Headquarter, a bright and dynamic "smart office" with flexible and functional spaces.
flash battery innovation certified government

Il Gazzettino Santilariese | Flash Battery, innovation “certified” by the Government

Flash Battery, a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for the industrial sector, has received the National Innovation Award. The CEO Marco Righi explains the next goals and the new technologies related to lithium batteries.
sollevare flash battery the perfect charge

Sollevare | Flash Battery, the perfect charge

In this interview with Sollevare magazine, Marco Righi reveals which industrial sectors are most advanced on the road to lithium electric sustainability and what the timing of this green revolution will be.
tce recycling sustainability technological innovation flash battery

TCE | Recycling, sustainability, and technological innovation. We talk to Flash Battery

The lithium battery is the protagonist of the race for electrification, but is it really sustainable? TCE interviews Marco Righi, Flash Battery CEO, on lithium battery recycling, between sustainability, circular economy and technological innovation.
tce Flash Battery HQ innovative electrification

tce | Flash Battery hq: the electrification centre where innovation drives all processes

Flash Battery hallmark has always been innovation, promoted by the management and shared by all employees. Innovation drives all company processes and leads to cutting-edge electrification.