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ivt international flash battery patented lithium technology

Ivt international | Patented lithium technology

Let's find out why Flash Battery's proprietary BMS, Flash Balancing System, which has enabled the company to carve out a prominent place in the production of lithium batteries for the industrial sector, has been granted an Italian invention patent in 2022.
ghi flash battery winner third enterprises innovation award

Ground Handling International | Flash Battery wins third Enterprises for Innovation award

Flash Battery wins for the third time the 'Enterprises for Innovation' award assigned by Confindustria to 12 Italian companies that have successfully invested in research, development and innovation.
tce magazine smart batteries gis 2023 interview marco righi

TCE | Smart batteries for Lifting 4.0. At GIS with Marco Righi, CEO of Flash Battery

What are the electrification trends in the lifting industry and what role does lithium play? TCE talked about this with Flash Battery CEO Marco Righi at the GIS trade fair
we are access equipment hybrid truck mounted platform multitel pagliero

We are access equipment | Hybrid is a success!

The collaboration between customised lithium battery manufacturer Flash Battery and the manufacturer Multitel Pagliero has led to several electrification projects, including the MTE 230 Hybrid truck platform.
we are access equipment new generation cells remote control batteries flash data center gis

We are access equipment | New cell generation and an updated Flash Data Center for tomorrow’s batteries

In this article, We Are Access Equipment unveils some of the main innovations that Flash Battery will present at Gis Expo 2023 to support more and more manufacturers in the lifting industry in switching their applications to lithium electrification.
new power progress special vehicles go electric

New Power Progress | Special vehicles go electric

Flash Battery accompanied the French manufacturer Neotec in the lithium conversion of both its ranges of hybrid road-rail lifting baskets for railway maintenance, providing tailor-made battery solutions tailored to the needs of the applications
tce magazine performance autonomy predictivity batteries flash battery gis expo 2023

TCE | Performance, autonomy and predictivity: the latest generation of lithium Flash Battery for lifting at GIS

On the eve of GIS Expo, Flash Battery tells TCE Magazine about the main advantages that lithium electrification brings to different types of construction machinery operating in the lifting field.
onsite lift flash battery customised lithium electrification gis 2023

Onsite Lift | ‘Customised’ lithium electrification at GIS 2023

Flash Battery brings to Gis Expo 2023 its latest generation of customised lithium batteries, with increasingly high energy density, designed to meet the specific needs of the lifting and construction machinery sector.
sollevare railwayman pure heart collaboration platform basket

Sollevare | A railwayman with a pure heart

In this double interview with Flash Battery founder and CEO Marco Righi and Nicola Lai, Platform Basket's Technical Manager, Sollevare magazine tells how the ten-year collaboration between the two companies, united by the same drive in research and development, led to the creation of the self-propelled RR14/400 hybrid aerial platform for rail use.
onsite construction electrification predictive logic efficiency

Onsite Construction | Electrification and predictive logic to maximise efficiency

Flash Battery CEO Marco Righi tells Onsite Construction about the main trends and future prospects for electrification in the field of construction machinery, including the combination with hydrogen fuel cells.
we are access equipment creative processes electrification flash battery

We are access equipment | Creative processes of electrification

Together with Flash Battery, We Are Access Equipment takes a look at the fundamental steps that lead to the construction and assembly of cells, the main elements that enable lithium batteries to deliver power and to be used in more and more applications
ivt international performance batteries railway maintenance

iVT International | Performance batteries for better railway maintenance

The industrial lithium battery manufacturer Flash Battery and the Toulouse-based railway maintenance specialist Neotec, working together for the hybrid transition of the French company's entire range of applications.
sollevare patented balancing

Sollevare | Patented balancing

In this interview, Flash Battery founder and CEO Marco Righi tells Sollevare the story of the Flash Balancing System and the steps that led the proprietary BMS to obtain the Italian patent.
on site construction charge europe

On Site Construction | To the “charge” of Europe

In this article, Flash Battery tells OnSite Construction magazine about the strategic importance of partnering with system integrators to meet the electrification demands of an increasing number of manufacturers and OEMs approaching the technological conversion of their vehicles.
we are access equipment innovation power patent bms

We are access equipment: Innovation power

Together with Marco Righi and Alan Pastorelli, founding partners of Flash Battery, We Are Access Equipment tells the story and evolution of the company's proprietary BMS system, the Flash Balancing System, which recently obtained an Italian patent for industrial invention.
new power progress lithium battery recycling

New Power Progress | Lithium battery recycling: where does the industry stand? Part 2

What are the current processes and future perspectives for the recycling of lithium batteries and what is the emerging role of technologies such as 'direct recycling' and 'second life'? We discussed this with New Power Progress.
24emilia flash battery cleans waste santilario

24 Emilia | Flash Battery cleans the streets of Sant’Ilario from rubbish

On the occasion of the second edition of "Together for the environment", a group of Flash Battery collaborators cleaned the streets near the production site from rubbish.
dpi thermal management lithium batteries

Diesel Progress International | Thermal management for lithium batteries

Diesel Progress International discussed with Marco Righi, founder & Ceo of Flash Battery, about the importance of the thermal management for the efficiency of a battery pack and about how Flash Battery proprietary BMS, the Flash Balancing System, can prevent overheating through its predictive analysis.
we are access equipment focus partnership innovation ivt expo

We are access equipment: Flash Battery at IVT EXPO

Partnerships with European PowertrainSystem integrators and innovations in the sector are at the heart of Flash Battery's participation at Ivt Expo, We are access equipment talks about it.
ivt international strategic partners electric revolution flash battery

Ivt International | Strategic partners for an electric revolution

In its article, Ivt International talked with Flash Battery about the importance of building strategic partnerships with powertrain system integrators. This approach is at the center of the company participation to Ivt Expo, from 28 to 29 june in Koln.
ghi lithium difference gse sector flash battery

Ground Handling International | Lithium difference

Ground Handling International discusses with Flash Battery Business Development Manager Elisabetta Orlandi, the current trends towards the electrification of the GSE sector and the main needs of OEMs in this field which the company addresses with its proprietary customised lithium battery solutions.