Electric vehicles - Flash Battery among the speakers

Electric vehicles: safety and lithium handling

On December 5th our Co-Founder and CTO Alan Pastorelli will be among the speakers of the seminar Veicoli a trazione elettrica - The safety of operators in the maintenance of electric vehicles and in the handling of batteries.

Our contribution will talk about Flash Battery lithium batteries in the industrial field and the best practices applied to the world of electric vehicles and industrial machines.

The emergence and spread of electric / hybrid vehicles to change the technology applied to cars introduces significant changes in relations with the vehicle by users and operators in the sector. The seminar, in addition to offering an overview of the new technologies related to the automotive world, wants to investigate the safety and health issues related to the operations that the workers must also perform extemporaneously.

Mauro Tedeschini, journalist and founder of the Vai elettrico website will be the moderator of the seminar strongly desired by the Order of Engineers of the province of Modena and by the Commission for Health and Safety in the workplace in collaboration with Aias, JOIN and Regional Health Service Emilia Romagna.

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