World range record

800 km without charging is the range record set by an electric vehicle with Flash Battery lithium batteries

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Projects Details

World range record for Kaitek

  • Client Vantage Power Global
  • Product Market Electric vehicle
  • Lithium Battery 355 V / 430 Ah


A case history that made history in the true sense of the word.

On 13 November 2012, Vantage Power Global took a step of worldwide importance towards sustainable mobility.
Thanks to its collaboration with Kaitek Flash Battery, the Chinese company set a new range record for a fully electric vehicle.
The two electric cars used for the record, approved for road use, travelled a distance of 801.3 km on a single charge. This record remained unbeaten until August 2017, when Tesla set the new range record of 1078 km without charging.

The crucial role played by Kaitek in this project was to implement the Flash Battery lithium battery pack complete with Flash Balancing System, which made it possible to maximize the energy charge in the battery and fully exploit it during discharge, enabling this ambitious objective to be achieved.

This result highlights the fact that electric vehicles can be considered no longer just the future, but already the present, of mobility.

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