Flash Battery has been designing and building lithium batteries for industrial machines for many years.
We specialise in interpreting the customer's specific needs and finding the most effective solution possible.

Lithium batteries work pretty well.
With Flash Battery technology
they work even better.

With a service life of over 3000 cycles, freedom from maintenance and the capability of supporting quick partial recharging, FLASH BATTERY batteries greatly enhance machine flexibility and eliminate operating costs.
No emissions and a wide range of operating temperatures make FLASH BATTERY the perfect lithium battery for use in the food industry, in refrigerated systems and in difficult ambient conditions in general.

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Rapid charging

Partial charges and discharges

No memory effect

A Flash Battery lithium battery features rapid charging that extends the range of the battery, which in turn increases the amount of usable energy per day:

a 50% recharge in only 30 minutes.

The Flash Battery electronic balancing system allows partial charges and discharges, which maintains battery range and efficiency at their original levels over time.

This technology offers maximum operational flexibility in both charging and discharging, thus eliminating infrastructure costs for recharging areas.

Total freedom from maintenance

Zero maintenance costs

No more machine down time

The Flash Battery electronic balancing system keeps battery performance balanced, so that regular maintenance is completely eliminated.  

If special maintenance is required, the battery's internal architecture and high-power balancing enable personnel to service the unit directly on-site, which reduces the time and cost of machine down time.

Flash Battery lithium batteries completely eliminate traditional infrastructure costs for recharging rooms, ventilation systems that remove gasses released during charging and demineralisation plants for the water used to top up lead-acid batteries.

Remote monitoring

Flash Data Center

Automatic Alert System

Every cycle of a Flash Battery battery is checked daily through a remote control system.

Flash Data Center is the portal we've created to archive data on battery use. The data it stores can be accessed over the Web by our technical assistance department and by the producer of the machine itself.

Our Automatic "Alert System examines" all the data every day, and sends warnings and reports of malfunctions or user misuse directly to our technical assistance department.

This allows us to prevent critical situations before they occur.

Low battery weight

A lighter machine

Higher capacity and range

A Flash Battery lithium battery is 3 times lighter than a lead-acid battery, which significantly reduces the weight of industrial machines equipped with Flash Battery technology.

Also, Flash Battery offers a significant increase in range as compared with traditional lead-acid batteries.

By lowering the weight of the battery - 9 Kg per KWh as compared with 30 Kg per KWh for lead-acid batteries - the machine has greater capacity, better performance and increased range.


Longer battery life

Service life exceeding 3000 cycles

Flash Balancing system

A Flash Battery lithium battery lasts 3 times longer than a lead-acid battery, and its performance does not change over time.

The chemistry used in Flash Battery batteries is highly stable, and the safety/life cycle ratio is better.

Our exclusive Flash Balancing System keeps cells balanced and efficient, and provides more than 3000 complete charging cycles over the battery's life.

Higher efficiency

Prevention of machine down time

Constant voltage

Our Flash Balancing System for electronic control constantly monitors all battery parameters to prevent critical situations before they start. This puts a stop to sudden machine shut-downs.

Combined, high-power active and passive balancing enables special maintenance to be performed on-site, which saves shipping costs and prevents long wait times.

Also, a Flash Battery battery offers up to 96% efficiency, so users enjoy a cost savings of up to 25% as compared with lead-acid batteries.


Flash Battery is the perfect solution for industrial applications, as it guarantees flexibility in use and reliability throughout its service life, along with the highest performance in its category
What's inside a FLASH BATTERY Lithium Battery?