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05 2023 sollevare at the pace of sustainability

Sollevare | At the pace of sustainability

In this interview with Sollevare, Flash Battery CEO and founder Marco Righi elaborates on the new regulations and the main requirements manufacturers will have to meet with the entry into force of the new European Battery Regulation.
tce magazine international partnership system integrator

TCE | Teaming up with system integrators: Flash Battery’s strategy to accelerate industrial electrification

The strategic role of partnerships in accelerating the process of industrial electrification: TCE talked with Flash Battery about this approach, which is at the heart of its participation in Ivt Expo on 28-29 June.
ghi flash battery winner best under 40 company emilia romagna

Ground Handling International | Flash Battery 3-time winner as Best Under-40 in Emilia-Romagna

Ground Handling International talks about Flash Battery winning for the third time the Industria Felix award as Best Under-40 company in Emilia Romagna. The selection was made among the financial statements of more than 700.000 italian companies.
we are access equipment convincing results

We are accessing equipment | Convincing results

We are access equipment recounted the fast-growing results with which Flash Battery closed 2022 and together with Founder and CEO, MARCO Righi, investigated the company's future growth prospects.
tce magazine innovation lithium batteries flash battery bms obtains italian patent

TCE | Flash Battery’s BMS obtains the Italian patent

How to make innovation a strength? Tutto Carrelli Elevatori asked Flash Battery, Italy's leading manufacturer of lithium batteries for the industrial sector, which recently obtained an Italian patent for its proprietary BMS, the Flash Balancing System.
onsite concrete sustainable future towards new european battery regulation

Onsite Lift | A concrete sustainable future, towards the new European battery regulation

The entry into force of the new European Battery Regulation is just around the corner: together with Flash Battery, OnSite Lift sheds light on the main requirements that battery manufacturers will soon have to put in place with a view to sustainability and the circular economy.
npp flash battery further growth 2022

New Power Progress| Flash Battery clocked further growth in 2022

Flash Battery's 2022 closed with a 29% increase in turnover up to 22.3 million, accompanied by a 22% growth in employment reaching 80 employees. The international market is given increasing relevance.
new power progress lithium battery recycling

New Power Progress | Lithium battery recycling: where does the industry stand? Part 1

Europe is committed to the creation of its own batteries value chain and the entry into force of the new European Battery Regulation is a concrete step towards this objective.
we are access equipment transport battery

We Are Access Equipment | How to Transport Your Battery

The commitment to lithium battery safety is not limited to transport but must start with careful design that, other than maximising its performance, ensures reliability over time.
Electric Hybrid advanced lithium battery technology

Electric & Hybrid | The advanced lithium battery technology that assists in vehicle design

The three pillars underpinning Flash Battery in making an efficient and reliable lithium battery are: the most appropriate chemistry choice to accommodate industry demands, smart control electronics for maximum battery efficiency and a real-time remote control system for predictive and automatic maintenance.
tce magazine work Emilia Apple growth corporate personal growth

TCE | Working in the “Emilia Apple”: where corporate growth is personal and professional growth of its collaborators

Which trends are shaping the current job market and how to reconcile corporate and employee growth? Together with Flash Battery's HR team, TCE goes over the values behind the company's philosophy, where the potential of individuals is put at the center and enhanced with a view to continuous and constant growth.
onsite construction flash battery guide to right chemistry

OnSite Construction | Flash Battery, a guide to (the right) chemistry

Choosing the most suitable lithium battery to electrify your vehicle can be a complex task. Flash Battery tells us which 6 lithium-based chemistries are most widely used today and which is the most suitable for the needs of the industrial sector.
ivt flash battery construction is owning electrification

IVT | Construction is owning electrification

What are the electrification trends in the construction industry? From high-voltage batteries required by excavators to hybrid systems in the lifting field. We talk about this with Flash Battery, manufacturer of lithium batteries for the industrial world.
logistica news flash battery lithium batteries for powering AGVs LGVs

Logistica News | Flash Battery, lithium batteries for powering AGVs and LGVs

For more than 10 years, proprietary technology, combined with know-how and focus on the industrial market, has driven the automated logistics sector to rely on lithium Flash Battery to power AGVs and LGVs vehicles operating worldwide.
tce rules and regulations for lithium battery transport

TCE | Rules and regulations for transporting lithium batteries: what is important to know?

Which regulations must be observed when transporting lithium batteries? Flash Battery tells Tutto Carrelli Elevatori about the current guidelines, regulations and classifications that batteries must follow to be transported around the world.
sollevare flash battery through the veins of change lifting equipment sector

Sollevare | Flash Battery, through the veins of change

The latest electrification trends in the lifting segment, the demands of construction equipment, and the future prospects of the lithium battery industry are the focus of this "Sollevare" interview with Flash Battery.
imprenditori flash battery all the power of lithium

Imprenditori | Flash Battery: all the power of lithium

In an interview with “Imprenditori”, our Founder and CEO Marco Righi talks about the outlooks for the industrial electrification market and how the agricultural and construction sectors are approaching this change.
ivt international flash battery fassi gru collaboration ushers new frontier in electric lifting

IVT | Flash Battery and Fassi Group: collaboration ushers new frontier in electric lifting

The versatility, performance and customisation of Flash Battery lithium batteries meet the needs of Fassi Group with a four-handed collaboration project for the electrification of the Bergamo-based manufacturer's mid-range cranes.
we are access equipment sustainability is not impossible lithium batteries recycling flash battery

We Are Access Equipment | Flash Battery, sustainability is not impossible

Sustainability in the production and recycling of lithium batteries is now more feasible than ever, thanks to conscious manufacturers and consortiums for the handling, disposal and recycling of lithium batteries.
ivt international flash battery wins gold recognition deloitte best managed companies

IVT International | Flash Battery wins Gold recognition at Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies

Flash Battery was honoured for the fourth consecutive time with Deloitte Private's "Best Managed Companies 2022" award for its entrepreneurial skills and business model devoted to innovation and sustainability.
vai elettrico flash data center 100000 data per day to optimise batteries

VaiElettrico | Flash Data Center, 100,000 data per day to optimise batteries

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are at the heart of the latest release of Flash Data Center, the remote control software that learns and optimises the operation of Flash Battery's lithium batteries, facilitating self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance.