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tutto automotive the future of mobility is electric

Tutto Automotive | The future of mobility is electric, even in industry

Electrification is the future of mobility and it is a process that does not only involve the automotive sector: industry has also begun a real conversion. We talk about this with Marco Righi, CEO and founder of Flash Battery.
tce fire and lithium batteries

TCE | Fire and lithium batteries: the manufacturer’s role in safety

To say that a lithium battery is highly flammable is a generalisation. In this interview, Flash Battery outlines the role the manufacturer plays in ensuring the safety of the entire battery pack, starting with a correct design.
ivt where experience meets latest lithium technology

Ivt | Where experience meets the latest lithium technology

The electrification possibilities of industrial vehicles in Benelux have been enhanced by a recent strategic partnership: the one between Flash Battery and Q-tronic BV, where the former's 40 years of experience in electric powertrain combines with the innovative lithium Flash Battery technology.
OnSite Underground future industrial electrification is made in italy

OnSite Underground | The future of industrial electrification is “Made in Italy”

Born out of a garage in 2012 from an idea of Marco Righi (CEO) and Alan Pastorelli (CTO), Flash Battery is today a leading company in the field of lithium batteries for industrial machines and electric vehicles
npp ev power play Esagono energia and Flash Battery

New Power Progress | EV power play

It was 2015 when Esagono Energia chose Flash Battery's technology for the lithium conversion of its range of all-electric utility vehicles. The two companies worked closely to develop a solution based on a highly customised battery pack comprised of the more compact and lighter LFP cells.
We Are Access Equipment: years charged with challenge

We Are Access Equipment | Years charged with challenge

Despite the current geopolitical situation Flash Battery continues to grow, with a 25% increase in 2021, thanks to its innovative technology, new partnerships with European powertrain system integrators and an international development strategy.
IVT flash battery announces strategic partnership with q-tronic

Ivt | Flash Battery announces strategic partnership with Q-tronic

A new partnership between leading producer of custom lithium batteries Flash Battery, and Q-tronic BV, a Dutch-based powertrain system integrator, has its sights on one of the most electrification-oriented markets in the world: Benelux.
OnSite Lift Market is ready for electric revolution

OnSite Lift | Market is ready for electric revolution

Electrification is the new industry buzzword. Marco Righi, CEO and Founder of Flash Battery, a leading company in the field of lithium batteries for industrial machines and vehicles, explains in this interview the evolution of electrification in the lifting industry.
npp flash battery the safer side of lithium batteries

New Power Progress | The safer side of lithium batteries

LFP chemistry has taken center stage in industrial electrification and beyond. Flash Battery CEO and founder Marco Righi talks about product development and safety in LFP lithium batteries with New Power Progress journalist Roberta Prandi.
ivt pioneers of e-mobility Alkè and Flash Battery

Ivt | Pioneers of e-mobility, Alké and Flash Battery

When the electric vehicle manufacturer Alkè needed lithium batteries for its new ATX range, it had only one company in mind: Flash Battery. The company's know-how, customised design and user-friendly solutions were the key to the start of this important collaboration.
Easy Engineering interview with flash battery ceo Marco Righi

Easy Engineering | Interview with Flash Battery

Flash Battery CEO and Founder Marco righi tells to Easy Engineering the story of Flash Battery and its succesful transition from start-up to company, with its eyes on internationalisation and continuous innovation in the development of hi-tech lithium batteries for industrial machines and electric vehicles.
logistics business flash battery celebrates strong 2021 revenue

Logistics Business | Flash Battery celebrates strong 2021 revenue

Flash Battery's 2021 ended with a 25% increase in turnover and the consolidation of three important international partnerships in France, Germany and Benelux, together with the important membership in BEPA, the European Battery Partnership, which will mobilise over 925 million euros in research and innovation.
tce from lead to lithium Alké's conversion by Flash Battery

Tce | From lead to lithium, Alké’s conversion by Flash Battery

Flash Battery has supported Alké, an Italian company with 25 years of experience in the production and sale of electric vehicles, in its transition from lead to lithium, discovering a more efficient electrification process.
VaiElettrico Flash Battery grows and looks abroad

VaiElettrico | Flash Battery grows and looks abroad

In 2021 Flash Battery grew by 25% and, with a turnover of 17.3 million euros and 65 employees, it confirmed itself as one of the most dynamic Italian companies in the industrial battery sector.
OnSite Lift Lifting sector ready for electrification

OnSite Lift | The lifting industry is ready for the electrical revolution

Reducing battery dimensions and maximising energy density are the most pressing demands in industrial sectors that are converting to electrification, including the lifting industry. Marco Righi, CEO and Founder of Flash Battery, talks about it in this interview with OnSite News.
ivt agriculture a world ripe for electrification

IVT | Agriculture, a world ripe for electrification

The transition to electric mobility isn’t sparing any sector, including agriculture, which has traditionally relied on internal combustion engines. In this interview, Marco Righi and Matteo Donelli, Flash Battery CEO and Sales Director, shed light on the reasons of this unstoppable process.
Gazzetta di Reggio Flash Battery lithium batteries join Bepa

Gazzetta di Reggio | Flash Battery lithium batteries join Bepa association

Flash Battery joins the Bepa (Batteries European Partnership Association) international network, the private association of the Batt4EU consortium, launched by the EU to make European Union increasingly sustainable and self-sufficient.
tce raw materials crisis large scale battery use interview opinion marco righi

Tce | A raw materials crisis and large-scale battery use: a truly critical situation, or unfounded fears? We spoke to Marco Righi

The ecological transition to electric power has placed the lithium battery at the centre of the energy revolution, but doubts remain about its sustainability. The current shortage of raw materials and the large-scale use of batteries are among the main questions. Flash Battery CEO Marco Righi on the sector’s future and critical issues.
10-2021 ilsole24ore flash batetry and the kaizen method

Il Sole 24 Ore | Exporting Emilia: Flash Battery and the Kaizen method in the Motor Valley

Planning, experimenting, measuring and defining new standards wit an eye to continuous improvement. This is the story of Flash Battery, born in a garage in 2012 and today leader in the production of lithium batteries for industrial machines and vehicles.
we are access equipment flash battery up for the challenge

We Are Access Equipment | Flash Battery up for the challenge

With more than 9 years and 12.000 batteries worldwide, Flash Battery offers today a know-how that can satisfy any OEM looking for an electrification solution, either modular or customized.
Sollevare lithium energy to lift up the world

Sollevare | The energy of lithium to lift up the world

Their light weight, zero maintenance and high energy density make Flash Battery lithium batteries the perfect choice for manufacturers of industrial machines and AWPs who are required by the market to achieve increasingly higher performances.