More efficient LGVs with lithium batteries

Elettric 80, a world leader in automated logistics, chooses Flash Battery technology for the batteries of its LGVs.

Watch the video of the Acqua Sant’Anna factory equipped with Flash Battery lithium batteries.

Projects Details

Laser guided vehicle Elettric 80

  • Client Elettric 80
  • Product Market Robot palletizer - LGV
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 51,2V / 200 Ah
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 51,2V / 400 Ah
  • Flash Battery - Lithium Battery 51,2V / 600 Ah


Choosing a flexible and safe technology like lithium is crucially important in the sector of automated logistics. These automated warehouses require reliable, high quality technologies that are fast and flexible, just like LGVs.

LGVs - laser-guided vehicles - are one of the main technologies produced by Elettric80, a multinational leader specialized in creating automated solutions for companies that produce consumer goods, in particular in the food, beverage and tissue sectors.

Elettric80 had always used lead-acid batteries for supplying their LGVs, and this led to:

  • extensive maintenance on the batteries
  • slow charging, with connected battery change necessary
  • lowering of efficiency caused by battery degradation
  • 30% of system malfunctions were related to the traditional batteries

For these reasons, aware of the advantages offered by lithium batteries, in 2012 Elettric80 approached this technology by experimenting with a number of lithium battery manufacturers.

However, the solutions they proposed did not turn out to be reliable.

A business meeting between Marco Righi and Vittorio Cavirani brought Elettric80 to Kaitek.

The technical information conveyed during the meeting and the appreciation of the potentials of the Flash Balancing System for controlling the management of the lithium batteries prompted the owners of Elettric80, Vittorio Cavirani and Enrico Grassi, to conduct full testing of the first Flash Battery battery packs.

The test was conducted by implementing Flash Battery batteries on 2 LGVs at a Canadian facility with cold storage warehouses at -30°C, a critical situation in which tests with other suppliers had proved disastrous.

The performance of the Flash Battery batteries guaranteed excellent efficiency on the LGVs and the feedback was very positive.

In late 2013, Elettric80 commissioned Kaitek to supply lithium batteries for a new automated warehouse with 29 LGVs, and in the first few months of 2014 the first all-lithium plant with a large number of LGVs was completed.

“The decision to entrust the supply to Kaitek was not simple. In the event that the plant had problems, we would have compromised the entire factory, in addition to losing millions of euros,” stated Vittorio Cavirani, “but at the same time, if the Flash Battery technology worked, we would be able to guarantee our customer greater efficiency on the LGVs, avoiding burdensome maintenance and being able to monitor the status of the batteries remotely.”

Following this plant was the installation of a series of all-lithium chain plants, and in 2015 Elettric80 began the transition and the total elimination of lead-acid batteries in all their facilities.

Flash Battery lithium batteries are currently implemented in 815 LGVs monitored on a daily basis by the Kaitek headquarters and distributed in 42 countries.

Kaitek produces Flash Battery lithium battery packs in various versions for Elettric80, specially designed to be compatible with the different models of LGVs, also those operating in temperatures from -30°C to +45°C.Besides this we study specific solutions for the necessary of Elettric80 's costumers , and we give assistance to the operation management of the installed batteries on the LGVs.

Choosing to the Flash Battery lithium, Elettric 80 guarantees a great efficiency of the global plant to eliminate as well as all the problem related to the traditional batteries :

  • high costs of maintenance
  • low energetic efficiency
  • limit of charge
  • short battery life
What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?