Lithium batteries for tracked self-propelled platforms

Flash Battery lithium batteries for aerial platforms, self-propelled boom lifts and tracked spider lifts

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Projects Details

Lithium batteries for tracked self-propelled platforms

  • Client Platform Basket
  • Product Market Self propelled boom lift
  • Lithium Battery 24V / 200Ah
  • Lithium Battery 24V / 400Ah


 Traditional batteries are subject to continuous maintenance, and the sector of aerial platforms also suffers the consequences of this issue.

On the list of problems found in industrial machines, lead-acid batteries are at the top, often due to improper maintenance and to their short lifespan.

Platform Basket, a company specialized in the design and construction of aerial platforms, self-propelled boom lifts and spider lifts decided to implement Flash Battery lithium batteries in place of the more common lead-acid batteries, opting to produce industrial machines that are more flexible and maintenance-free.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the environment, this choice of energy supply compared to a lead-acid battery also has other advantages:

  • no periodic maintenance
  • twice the range 
  • fast charging that enables intensive use of the machine
  • battery weight three times lighter (significantly affecting the total weight of the platform)
  • lithium battery lifespan three times longer 
  • no gas emissions during charging

A motor drive powered by a lithium battery also makes it possible to use the platform in any environment: the absence of gas emissions makes it possible to charge the platform anywhere in the facility in total safety.

The high efficiency of lithium batteries, up to 25% higher than that of lead batteries, provides significant energy savings and reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?