Electric hybrid boats

Flash Battery lithium batteries for a cargo boat in the area of the Venice lagoon.

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Projects Details

Electric hybrid boats

  • Client San Marco BNV spa
  • Product Market Boats
  • Lithium Battery 282 V / 400 Ah


Reducing fuel consumption, with a significant decrease of emissions into the atmosphere, along with quiet running during operation, have always been important issues especially in the Venice Lagoon.

To respond to this need, San Marco Beverage Network Venezia, a leader in specialized distribution, sales and consulting services for the Ho.Re.Ca. and SUPERHO.RE.CA. sector on the Venice market, commissioned the construction of an electric hybrid boat: “La Gagiandra”.

Called “La Gagiandra” in honor of a sturdy medieval Venetian ship that recalled the shape of a turtle, the vessel is 13 meters long and is propelled by two 38 kW electric motors supplied by a 282 V, 112.6 kWh lithium battery supported by an emergency diesel generator.

The project initially included a traditional BMS, but the boat was never put into service because of significant battery management problems.

In 2011 Kaitek Flash Battery’s installation of its Flash Balancing System and the high power of the combined balancing enabled La Gagiandra to become operational, helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 30,000 kg per year.

What's inside a FLASH BATTERY lithium battery?